We offer a large range of accessories for your inflatable tents and advertising totem poles


Transport bag

Accessories - transport bag

Accessory bag

Accessories - accessory bag


10 kg tent ballasting bag

Accessories - Ballasting bag 10 kg

Fastenings for soft ground

Accessories - Fastenings for soft ground

Fastenings for hard ground

Accessories - Fastenings for hard ground

Strutting kit

Accessories - strutting kit


Double action manual pump

220 volts 2000 l/min pump

220 volts 2500 l/min pump

Accessories - 220 volt 2500 l/min pump

450 l/min + battery pump

Accessories - 450 l/min with battery pump

12 volt high-speed 1000 l/min pump

Accessories - 12 volt high-speed 1000 l/min pump

Inflation and deflation valve

Accessories - Inflation and deflation valve

Relief valve

Accessories - Relief valve

After Sales Service

Spare inner tube M/L/XL

Accessories - Spare inner tube M/L/XL

Inner tube repair kit

Accessories - Inner tube repair kit