X-roof inflatable tent

Light, simple to assemble, and easy to transport: it’s an ally to your message.

The X Roof inflatable tent is suitable for all types of use : exhibition halls, parking lots, beaches, mountains, glaciers, etc. It can resist winds of more than 70 km/h and temperatures between -25°C and 50°C.

Standard colors:

A design created to resist everything

We tested our X Roof tent for 3 years before launching it on the market, starting from the base of our Welcome Roof tent designed in 2001 and constantly improving since.


Velcro-detachable roof for more flexibility
Zipper-detachable sides for more quickness in assembling and disassembling


Canopy with oversized, internal tensioning for use even in strong wind.


Detachable side reinforcements for extreme use from 60 to 100 km/h (patented model)

Details that make the difference

Lots of small finishing touches make an enormous difference between our tent and the competition in terms of quality, reliability, and performance.


Flexible, monobloc structure 100% stitched to avoid any rigid assembly component (aluminum tubes, screws) that could damage the fabric.


Dacron is used to make the structure’s draft stoppers. It’s a composite, multiaxial fabric of 145 gr/m2 capable of resisting all stress, no matter its direction.

Full photo-quality dye-sublimation printing

You can customize whatever part of the tent you want, with the exception of the inflatable structure, with high-resolution printing for a stunning visual impact.



Many options for endless modularity

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